Sound investigation #4 The Joys of Gibberish

Stephen Fry’s The Joy of Gibberish was mainly Stephen Fry talking about the joy of gibberish. Shocking. One of the main points that he highlights is the difference between gibberish, and nonsense. This, i did not know. I always thought of the two as the same thing. One of the most interesting things about the podcast that i learned was his inclusion of the impact that gibberish has on music, saying how human’s love the sound of repetition, ryhme and gibberish and that the repetition of gibberish is a huge part of popular music.


Stephen fry has a lovely voice. I could sit and listen to him speak for hours. I thought it sounded familiar so i looked him up and found out he is the narrator in the video game “Little Big Planet”, one of my favorite video games.

I think that the best thing to take out of this podcast is that things don’t have to be complex or even mean anything for it to be enjoyable and fun . Sometimes simplicity trumps all. an example of this would be the chorus of Obla-di- Obla-Da  by The Beatles, the song doesn’t mean anything but it is still fun and enjoyable.


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